Melissa Gabrielle Madrid

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ALEXANDRIA AGGIE LESLIE MONTIJO. HAPPY 19th BIRTHDAY LOSER. ❤️. do you like 🍉? cause I do but I can’t eat because my retainers don’t me fit. so can I ugh. can I try yours on. “that is mine”. no one saw me pick my ass except for LOGAN. I love you birthday bitch. you’re a beautiful person inside and out. more on the outside because your insides are probably ugly as hell. but hey don’t get too confident and join a beauty pageant because YOU WILL NOT WIN. I’m glad we met in Spanish. your were the rudest little jork but I still lie you. we’ve had our ups and downs but we always find a way back to each other. and Alyssa cause were the three best friends that anyone can have. I hope you have a great day with dunnies and fattening food. I love you boo. btw have fun at the beach slore. I hope your ugly ass get hit by a huge ass wave 💕

love your gunts big time. 👭💕

#shesnineteen #shesmybaby #shesolderthanme

Cousin-to-be 💕👰
love you guys 😘


Marcus Kruger, Johnny Oduya, Michael Kostka, and Duncan Keith visit Evanston hospital.

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