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Really missing these guys right now 💕😔


You’re both cunts, come visit me. If you don’t Ill kill you both. I’ll take care of you bitches day and night and we’ll have a fun reckless time! PLEASE LOVE ME! <3

- Bitchface

The lights will guy you home
HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAYLA KONG. 💕 I hope your having a great ass time in Hawaii with all the beaches and nachos. 🍝🌺 legit when were back home together we need to hit up another concert. happy birthday weed baby. 👌💨
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I need to go to fishing ASAP. 🐟🚣

I was a dramatic bitch in high school.



Been kinda distant for a while but hey you can read this to catch up

I’ve been hired as a food clerk at Safeway and so far so good. A few are mass cool a few are lame as hell. The codes are a bitch to remember so make sure when your checking out that you have stickers on your produce and a working barcode. Some customers are chill as hell the others are like on my dick yelling at my manager because i didn’t give them the 1 cent discount that was going to change their entire order. 

Ive declared. I’m not sure if I’m double majoring or what but I’m going to major in english literature. I got a couple schools in mind, but ill keep those on the DL for a bit. 

Morgan and Melissa are the go to’s. Morgan is the motherly one who knocks the reasonable actions into my head. Melissa is the one i go partying <3. I don’t see them much but when i do, its great <3 I love them.

My classes are kinda lame, but there getting my schooling shit done. So far so hard. It’ll be over soon, hopefully shit goes well. 

Cali is where I’m going in a couple days. Couple is a little number so ill say ill be headed that way shortly. I miss the shit there. I miss all the relationships and food and minorities and traffic. I miss being able to have the beach be 30 minutes away. 

Yeah, thats my life thus far. there isn’t much too it. Eat sleep school work repeat. 

I don’t know how to end this so

BYE :3

my bby is hella cute 
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I’m really beginning to not stand you

made enchiladas for dinna 💕